State LL Tournament – Volunteers Needed

As many of you already know D6 will be hosting the State LL Tournament between Chaparral Park and SRP over the next 2 weeks and we need your help.
AZ6LL would like to offer you an opportunity to join in and make this tournament the best in the state.  Adult volunteers are still needed in the following areas and training is readily available.
  • Scorekeeper: needs to be knowledgeable in keeping the official scorebook and learning the correct manner to enter and keep track of substitutes.  This sounds much harder than it really is.
  • Pitch Counter: no experience necessary, but must be able to track all the pitches and enter the information on the official pitch count log.
  • Announcer: Read a script for pregame announcements and game time announcements; announce each player as they come to bat; and mid inning recap (e.g., “after 3 innings, ABC Little League leads XYZ Little League 4-2”)
  • Scoreboard operator: track the balls, strikes, outs and score of the game on the electronic scoreboard

Please click here to examine the schedule and volunteer when they are able. 

Thanks in advance for helping to make this tournament successful for District 6 and the State of Arizona.