2018 MVLL All Stars teams Announcement

Congratulations to the following players who were selected for the 2018 MVLL All Stars teams.  Tournament schedules will be posted when available – come out and support our boys!  Good luck!

8-10 TEAM Manager: Michael Roberts

Connor Horton
Braydon Nelson
Brolin Roberts
Oliver Scholl
Hayden Seaman
Jackson Silva
Tyler Welling
Kaden Wynter
Dylan Young
Blake Young
Jack Ferris
Hunter Mahoney

9-11 TEAM Manager: Don Hagen

Jack Brantner
Cameron Brooks
Blake Calvisi
Garon Despirito
Dean Dimickele
Nick Diozzi
Everett Hagen
Reece Hudson
Easton Nelson
Ryan Nielsen
Ernie Paz

10-12 (MAJORS) TEAM Manager: Howard Bergman

Matt Alexander
Ryan Bergman
Charlie Blutstein
Carson Borges
Ryan Dick
Jonathan Dominguez
Sam McDonnell
Anthony Parise
Vincent Parise
Lance Samuels
Cole Tappin
Griffin Wells
Tyler Young

50/70 All Stars TEAM Manager: Michael Seaman

Max Ash
Jaeger Behrend
Alessandro De Los Santos
Randy Domiguez
Colter Ferris
Issei Kitayama
Jack LaChat
Brody Olson
Brody Power
Austin Stadel
Raymond Tenpenny